Zac in Cannon
Zac in Cannon

Last year was hard

Let’s face it, 2020 was no fun. We had Brexit, we had social distancing, we had furlough (did anyone know what that meant before March?). We had lockdowns and above all, we faced a huge challenge in the balance between our business and the safety of people’s lives.

But the reality is the changing of the year is not going to magically make life any easier. In fact, 2021 will probably be an even more challenging year, particularly for those in the retail sector. The new national lockdown means that for probably AT LEAST three whole months you can’t open your doors to the public. No one can come in to your store and browse your lovely selection of products and, more importantly, no one can give you their cash in exchange for your stock.

The fact of the matter is you have cash tied up in stock sat on your shelves that you can do absolutely nothing with!

And think of what you could do with that money if you could open.

We are facing the biggest challenge the country has probably ever seen for businesses right now. Sadly, so many businesses, not just in the retail sector, are going to not only struggle in this pandemic but disappear.

Adapt or Die

Back in my university days I had a project where we had to take a business model and adapt it to what life may be like ten years in to the future. The project was called Adapt or Die and now, more than ever, that phrase seems particularly relevant.

But there is a way

Not just a way out but a way to come out of this pandemic even stronger than we went in to it. I’ll say that again, there IS a way to come out of the pandemic in a stronger position than we went in to it.

How can I be sure? Well a client of ours has transformed her business already.

We launched her new e-commerce website in August 2020 and the results have been truly staggering. Comparing August 1st to December 31st 2020 versus 2019 she had an increase of 170% in gross online sales. That’s a phenomenal return.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and of course I should caveat those figures by saying we were in a pandemic with more and more people shopping online in 2020 so of course the figures are going to be higher. Correct they are.

So, when we compared the stats across a 5 month period prior to going to launch (March 1st – August 1st) she had a gross online sales increase of 113%. Now bearing in mind that for the majority of the March-August period we were in lockdown, so the only way people could shop was online, that’s staggering.

Not only that, but she managed to recover her entire website investment in ONLY four months!

So how did we do it?

Well, in 2020 and even the back end of 2019 she invested a lot into her business and her online sales. We revamped the entire website and transformed it into a much more user friendly experience on both the front and back end. The customer found their journey through the site and buying products far more efficient and the client manages to upload products quicker and then upload those products to eBay and Amazon with just a couple of clicks, whilst all the stock in the store, online and on eBay and Amazon is synced in real time.

The power of an easy to use, intuitive website is incredible.

It’s not too late to adapt and transform your business

We are here to help you and we have an offer that will help you get online quickly and, most importantly, cost effectively.

We will build you a bespoke e-commerce website that lets you sell online right now and transforms that stock sat gathering dust on your shelves into cash to keep your business thriving throughout the pandemic.

What’s included?

Home page

Featuring a slider, up to three category options, one new arrivals panel showing your latest products uploaded to the site in real time, up to four testimonials and a header/footer

3 x Category pages

Automatically showing the most recent products you have assigned to any given category

1 x New arrivals page

Showing all your products with the newest at the top

Up to 40 product uploads

We will upload up to 40 products for you that you have supplied to us in a CSV file – with a product template page design that will replicate across all products quickly

Contact page

Featuring a map, phone number, email address and contact form

Checkout page

Basket page

Privacy Policy page


Delivery and returns page


Cookie consent banner

We will also write in to the system the capability of one standard and one express delivery option and set up a Stripe account for you and link it to your checkout so you can receive funds instantly. If you don’t know what Stripe is, it’s the leading payment provider for online sales, fast to set up and even faster to get your money.

So what do I need to do?

Well we can’t do everything for you. We will need some things from you to get going, but its not much work, don’t panic.

  • Your company logo
  • A CSV file of up to 40 products (we will show you how to do this)
  • Product images of all products named correctly (again, we’ll show you how)
  • Three colours that you’d like to have for your site’s colour scheme
  • Your delivery and returns policy in a word document
  • Up to three product categories
  • The copy that you’d like to see on each website page
  • How much?

    Now here’s the great part. We will give you all of this to get you online quickly and cost effectively for

    Just £1,999*

    Not only that, but we will throw in an hour’s training on how to use the back end of your site and manage your sales efficiently in the form of a video tutorial or zoom call for FREE!

    And that’s not all. We know times are hard at the minute and cash is not the easiest to come by. That’s why we are offering you a payment plan of four months to pay the fee. So all you have to pay is

    £500 a month for four months*.

    This is your chance to transform your retail business into one that not only survives the pandemic, but thrives in it.

    Come out of this stronger than you entered it.

    Fill in the form below and let’s get started!

    January website offer

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    *The above prices exclude VAT. There is also a small
    monthly fee of £39 + VAT to cover hosting, an SSL certificate and plugin fees.