Unless you have a marketing team in the business with sole responsibility of looking after all your promotional work (and even sometimes then it’s not as strong as it should be) we are ALL guilty of putting marketing plans on the back burner. It can be the last thing that’s on our minds in our day to day working lives.

And that’s okay. It’s understandable.

Of course it is, we all work IN our businesses rather than ON them because that’s where the immediate income comes from. Your income will come from making a sale, agreeing that contract or getting that quote over the line. So we get ourselves so wrapped up working in our businesses and focusing on client work because that’s where the money is. It’s a perfectly natural thing to do. We’re all on that hamster wheel of chasing after business, turning round projects and bringing in income.

But deep down you know it’s not right

You’re in your next monthly business meeting and you still haven’t sorted that marketing material out that you talked about four months ago. In fact you’re no closer now than you were when you had the idea. Work just gets in the way and there’s no profit in putting together that ad campaign or developing a new web page or posting on social media, right?


Actually, that’s where the bulk of your profit is. Imagine a world where you didn’t have to call round clients (who likes doing that, really?) and chase around after business. All the business just comes to you and you are inundated with customers. Sounds pretty great right? Well how are they going to chase after you without all of the promotional material to grab their interest and entice them to give you a call or give you their contact details? So when you think about it, the work ON your business is every bit as important as the work IN the business. Your business needs to be up to date for a whole host of reasons.

Well like what?

Okay, so Google loves you if your site is regularly updated so that means you’re going to climb the rankings. That’s a big one.

Investing in that PPC campaign is going to get you right at the top of the search rankings for a period of time and you only pay when people click your ad, so you’re the first person someone sees when Googling for the services you offer.

That email newsletter that you always forget about is going to keep your name in front of your customers at regular intervals and shows you to be active and relevant at all times, so your customers are going to think of you pretty quickly next time they need some help and not have forgotten all about you.

Posting and interacting on social media is going to again keep yourself relevant and build that relationship with your customers. Let’s not forget, people buy from people and if they have a good relationship with you and a strong opinion of you they’re going to most likely use your services. Think about it, if your mate down the pub has an excellent carpet fitting business chances are you’re going to use him for when you re-carpet your front room. That’s the power of social media these days. It gives everyone a level playing field to build themselves connections online and position themselves as the local market leader if they can get it right.

The new promotional campaign if advertised correctly is going to grab the attention of more potential customers and direct them to your website or to give you a call.

There’s so many channels to get creative with in marketing and promoting the wonderful services your business can offer, and chances are you’re not taking advantage of nearly any of them.

But that will take so long!

Well this is your lucky day, because that’s our thing! We love all things marketing and creating stunning new visuals and campaigns for our customers’ businesses.

The work you need to do ON your business, is what we do IN ours!

So that’s why we’re offering you the chance to sit down with a Nettl marketing professional for a whole three hours to review your company’s marketing strategies, what’s working for you, what’s not and where you might need to focus your attention a little more.

We’ll then go away and put together an action-orientated marketing plan for you to keep that details what you should be doing each month throughout the whole year.

That’s your marketing plan taken care of in just three hours.

Okay, sounds good but what’s it going to cost?

Well here’s the good bit. We will sit down with you for three hours to talk about all of your marketing and produce a detailed marketing action plan for

Just £500*

And that’s not all. In the long run it’s going to cost you absolutely nothing! Because we’ll give you

10% off

on every subsequent project you do with us until you recover the initial investment. It’s an ultimate win-win!

Can I pay in instalments?

Of course you can. We know times are hard at the minute and cash is a little hard to come by, that’s why we’re offering you the chance to pay the £500 fee in two split payments over two months. One half before our consultation and one half a month later.

This is your chance to sort your marketing plans out once and for all. We can’t wait to get started on our partnership

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