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A long standing client of ours approached us with the idea to merge their two existing salons into one overall brand, which would fit into a more contemporary target audience. After some initial brainstorming we came to the idea of the name ‘Frame Hair and Beauty’, a name which leant itself to many visual ideas to run with, inspiring the small white frame that would later become a device used to hold identity within itself, without necessarily needing to utilise the logo.

This allowed for the logo itself to become flexible in its use, with the primary version being held inside a frame, but a secondary version with no frame would be in use for when a frame was already present on the application (including the finished cut size of the item itself acting as the ‘frame’). The identity was then complete with a similar thin line approach, in the style of a hairdressers comb, used as a background for most applications, particularly backgrounds.

We then loved applying the identity to a range of applications, including appointment cards, leaflets, price lists and a fully functioning responsive website.

Responsive Website Design


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